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Deciding on a therapist can be a difficult and daunting task. A suitable fit between you and your therapist is extremely important for a successful journey through therapy. It is important that you select a trustworthy and compassionate therapist that possesses the clinical skills necessary to help you attain your goals. The vest way to determine whether your’re in the right hands is to have a consultation. Remember, it all starts with YOU!…Let’s get started!


What is therapy?
Therapy is a conversation between a client and therapist that usually occurs in a safe and pleasant office setting. The conversation typically deals with current concerns in the client’s life. Together, through open, non-judgmental interaction, the client and therapist explore the source, triggers and potential solutions. Between sessions, clients’ are advised to think about and process what was discussed and how to apply it to their lives. Sometimes a therapist may give specific suggestions to help facilitate this helpful processing. With hard work, full disclosure, and commitment, clients can expect to develop:
  • Ø Healthier decision making skills and behaviors
  • Ø Improved communication skills
  • Ø Constructive strategies to better manage their emotions, anxiety and stress
  • Ø Practical problem-solving techniques
  • Ø Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Ø A better understanding of self
  • Ø Helpful relationship strategies
What is counseling?

A long-term intensive program customized for clients seeking insight, understanding, healing, and strategies to overcome personal challenges that impact their future progress.

What is coaching?

Coaching with GoldStar Counseling & Wellness Center is a one-on-one session geared towards helping clients achieve short-term, challenging goals.

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GoldStar Counseling & Wellness Center’s mission is to empower individuals to live happier, satisfied, and purpose driven lives by providing them with pathways for progress through our personalized and caring counseling services.

Core Values

Professionalism, Confidentiality, and Integrity


GoldStar Counseling & Wellness Center’s aims to be the preeminent behavioral health provider in the Greater Greensboro Area, by eliminating stigmas associated with mental health and addiction treatment and providing a standard of excellence for all individuals served.

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